Europe for Citizens

Europe for Citizens

The project “Common European growths with Culture” was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"

Applicable to the Action 1, Measure

1.1 "Town Twinning Citizens' Meetings”

Participation: The project involved 8900 citizens, notably 46 participants from the city of Subotica (Serbia), 50 participants from the city of Szeged (Hungary), 3 participants from the city of Toulouse (France), 33 participants from the city of Tirgu Mures (Romania), 43 Cluj-Napoca (Romania), and 47 participants from the city of Vienna (Austria).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Subotica(Serbia), from 22/08/2015 to 24/08/2015

Short description: The project called attention to the role of culture in economic growth. The representatives of cultural and creative sectors have jointly developed their opinion about the future of the European Union through various arts. The cultural groups presented the formulated opinions with different artistic tools. Short creative-artistic performances/works developed with the help of music, dance, painting, drama, poetry and other communication techniques, which are digitalized. We tackled the connection between economy and culture from various standpoints, paying special attention to the effects of economic crisis. The three-day programme, organized by Nepker provided participation opportunity to guests from four countries and to Serbian citizens so that they could meet each other, got acquainted with the culture and the traditions of the others, thus started intercultural dialogue about the future of the European Union, with special attention to the situation after the elections and the economic crisis.

The day of 22/08/2015 was dedicated to presentation of the participants and start of the painting workshop. This is the first day of project when the participants getting know each other and begin the cooperation. To meet and make contacts. They established the basis for their harmonious and successful joint work, thus contributed to the development of inter-cultural dialogue and of cultural industry, which enables common European economic growth. Also this is the first day the start of the painting workshop. The aim of the event was to painters came from each participating country depict how they as artists and the people of their countries see the European Union and its development potentials. They also made a painting jointly. These works were digitalized and uploaded together with their descriptions to the project website. Five individual and 1 joint works of art presented the individual views of common European culture and the intersection of these views through the eyes of culture to the visitors of the programme and to Online consumers.

The day of 23/08/2015 was dedicated to cultural, artistic, civil workshops and conference. The aim of the cultural and artistic workshops was to participants discuss about the future of Europe and the role of cultural and creative sectors in generating economic growth. Based on the formulated opinions, the cultural groups presented them with different communication techniques. These works were digitalized and made accessible online as well. The civil workshop included some civilians came from the participating countries undertake and develop different views about the European Union (supporting, accepting, skeptical, opposing) and selected one person from each group who presented and defended the specific view in a 15-minute presentation in the course of a joint discussion, thus illustrated the diversity of Europe and the opportunity and right for free expression of opinions. The main activity the conference

The day of 24/08/2015 was dedicated to flesh mobs and closing event. The aim of the flesh mobs performed in Subotica and 5 surrounding settlements (Palic, Bajmok, Cantavir, Backi Vinogradi, Zednik) was to mobilized and involve local people into the project who would not know about it otherwise. While the closing event presented through the eyes of culture the individual views of creative citizens about the future of Europe, that way out from crisis, and the role of creative sectors in reaching economic growth.

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