Complex Sequential Physical Experiment II.

All over the world, thousands of physicists, teachers and education professionals are working on revitalising Natural Sciences to make "dry" knowledge easier to digest.

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In our digital age, one of the biggest challenges is to attract the attention of young people.
This is the exact purpose that the Complex Sequential Physical Experiments Program serves.
In this program, we build on different disciplines of Physics to show phenomena that would be impossible to show individually.
How can you switch on a fluorescent lamp using a Tesla sphere during a sequential experiment?
The images show how 3 balloons are placed into large measuring cylinders and shot at with blue laser of 405 nm and 1500 mW. The Tesla spheres are set into microphone mode so the bangs can switch them on. The resulting magnetic field turns the fluorescent lamp on. Sequence series: laser, balloon, thermal and acoustic interactions, microphone, Tesla sphere, electromagnetic field, fluorescent lamp, optical interaction.

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